Brussels, Illinois

St. Mary School

Blessed Trinity Parish
Father Don Roberts

Mrs. Brenda Paynic

Mrs. Melissa Nolte


Mrs. Rachel Wilschetz-Hartman

1st/2nd Grades
Mrs. Karen Kinder

3rd/4th Grades
Mrs. Maureen Tepen

5th/6th Grades
Mrs. Becky Lorts

7th/8th Grades
Mrs. Melissa Stephens

School Secretary
Mrs. Deb Pohlman

School Custodian

Ms. Ann Williams

Church Secretary
Ms. Sarah Kinder

Church/School Custodian
Church/School Maintenance
Mr. Don Moennig

The role of the faculty is to complement the parents in providing religious education for their children, to nourish young people's faith by providing an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth, and to fulfill the Church's mandate to teach service.

St. Mary School's mission is to provide a well-rounded religious education, a quality academic instruction, an integration of religion and values in all subject areas, a challenge to students in assisting them in the development of peace and justice to the world, especially to the social order now fraught with injustice.

The faculty of St. Mary School, in fulfilling the teaching mission of the Church strives daily to do what God requires of all of us:

"To Act Justly, To Love Tenderly, and To Walk Humbly Before God."  -Micah 6:8

Faculty & Staff

Parent/Support Club Officers

Mrs. Denise Brundies

Vice President
Mrs. Mary Hoemmen

Mrs. Mary Hoemmen

Mrs. Kathy Carey

School Board Members

Mrs. Sarah Bonner
Mrs. Jeanne Johnes
Ms. Melanie Tepen
Mrs. Jill Rose
Mrs. Kim Vogel
Mrs. Rachel Wilschetz-Hartman
Mrs. Melissa Nolte
Mr. Tim Friedel
Mr. Nate Grimes